About You


You may seek our help in professionally managing your investments.  You may come to us for advice on financial issues, such as planning for retirement or education costs. You may have unique needs, such as being part of a nontraditional family or having lost a spouse/partner. Some of our clients have young families and busy professional lives, some are focused on their children and college, some are moving toward retirement, and some are beginning to enjoy their retirement.

All of our clients have in common the things that they can expect from us: professional, competent, attentive advice from a knowledgeable advisor that they can trust.

Baby Boomers

You have important questions: When I retire, will my money last as long as I do?  How long do I need to work?  What’s the best way to take money from my savings in retirement?  How much can I spend on travel in retirement?  How can I support the people and causes that are important to me?  What’s the best strategy for Social Security benefits?  Can I help pay for college for my grandchildren?  How should we invest to make sure our savings last throughout retirement without taking excessive risk? 

You’ve been through ups and downs – in investing and in life. 

After working for years to build a retirement you can enjoy, you want the security of knowing you have a solid plan in place that answers these questions.  We work with you to develop a financial plan that helps you move toward retirement with security and peace of mind.  We help you evaluate risks and ways to protect against them, such as life insurance and long term care insurance.  And we’re there with you to stay on top of your plan and make sure your investments are managed appropriately to your needs. 

Mid-Career Professionals

You’ve worked hard to become established in your career.  You’ve had to live through some major market corrections since you started investing.  As you’ve moved toward accumulating wealth, you’ve found that life has become more complex.  You’re juggling the demands of career, family life, working toward goals like educating your children or saving well for retirement; time is your most important commodity.   It’s not easy to balance all of these things with managing your financial life and staying on target to achieve your goals.  Somewhere amidst all of these demands you want to find time to enjoy life. 

We help you stay on track, make choices about alternatives in employment and benefits, identify financial risks so that you can protect yourself and your family, and manage your portfolio with an eye toward achieving growth while managing risk. We’ll be transparent about our costs and the costs of investing and about our process for working together.  We’ll explain things clearly because we want you to have answers and to feel in control of your financial life and your investments.  And we’ll meet with you on-line when time doesn’t allow for face-to-face meetings.   

Non-traditional Families

Same-sex couples can marry, but there are still questions and decisions to make.  You need to understand the financial rights and benefits that are available, such as Social Security spousal and survivor benefits, retirement plan inheritance rights for spouses, and estate planning options for married couples.  You may also have created workarounds in the years before you could marry, such as life insurance policies to provide for a survivor or to cover estate taxes, and those plans need to be revisited. We’ll help you sort through issues around titling of accounts, insurance and risk management, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.

And not all couples want to get married; some same sex and opposite sex couples choose not to wed.  We can help you understand the financial reasons why you might or might not want to marry, so that you can make an informed decision.  And if you decide you don’t want to marry, we can help with your planning needs.

Single / Widowed / Divorced

It’s not easy being single in a world made for couples. Those who have been single lifelong, as well as those who find themselves single due to divorce or the death of a spouse, have a unique set of financial complications and considerations.  You may have had a spouse who always took care of the finances, and now you have to learn to navigate the world of finances and investments. Or you may have relatives – children or elderly parents – who you want to protect, and you need help sorting through life insurance and estate planning options.

You may be trying to save for retirement on one income instead of two, missing out on the sharing of expenses that couples have, while paying higher income taxes.  You may not have some of the Social Security options that are available to married couples, such as spousal or survivor benefits.

Whether you’ve always been single or now find yourself on your own through death or divorce, you want to be thoughtful about your legacy – taking care of those you care about as well as your charitable intent.

To help you sort through these issues, you need an advisor who can listen closely to your needs and goals.  We can help you in laying out the path for getting where you want to go.