Parents of College-Bound Students

You’ve worked hard to raise your children and prepare them for how to be successful in life. You have guided them to become the best version of themselves.

You want the best for your children and the ability to provide an affordable, quality college education that allows them to achieve their academic and professional goals, while also building life skills and social skills they’ll need along the way.

You may feel the college application process and costs are very different from the time when you were attending college yourself. It can be overwhelming and complicated these days. Not to mention, expensive. We help you find options for reducing your net costs while keeping your student’s educational goals in mind.

Whether you have one child or several children getting ready for college, we offer detailed “prepare-to-apply” checklists and guidance for their high school years.

We provide information, tools, and guidance leading up to and during the application process, as well as at decision time. The college plan we create together enables your student to see the culmination of their work and helps carry you both forward to move-in day.

We help you maximize merit scholarships and financial aid by delivering useful insights and an overall college financial plan for the next four years that matches your resources and your student’s goals.

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