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For people accustomed to relying on intuition and ‘trusting their gut’, the question How Will You Measure Your Life? might seem strange. Is it possible to measure one’s life? If it is, how would one approach the task? And anyway, is life worth measuring?

On the other hand, for quantitatively oriented individuals, the idea of not measuring everything that can be measured may seem odd. Measuring provides information, information allows for analysis, and analysis enables optimization. Who doesn’t want to lead an optimized life?

Innovation expert Clayton M. Christensen spent his life studying businesses and how people behave in business settings. He was troubled by his observation that people with great potential (his Harvard Business School classmates, for example) often made choices that resulted in disharmony and unhappiness in their personal lives.

In How Will You Measure Your Life?, Christensen refrains from recommending that we measure everything in our lives that can be measured.

Rather, he suggests that we can use theories which have been rigorously examined and used in organizations all over the globe to help us with decisions that we must make as individuals.

The book seeks to answer the question: “How can I find happiness in my career?” But it gets at deeper issues, guiding us to consider what it means to lead a fulfilling life, and offering frameworks for helping the reader find fulfillment.