College Planning

We help you create a smart, customized college plan so that you can compare options and identify the best all-around fit for your student and your finances, whether your student is just starting high school, deep into the application process, or somewhere in between.


The focus of our hourly college planning work is based on your needs. For some clients, this means helping to break down the complex process of college admissions and financial aid applications. For others, it means figuring out how to maximize financial aid, including merit aid; or comparing offer letters; or help with financial aid and merit appeals.

Understanding the full four-year cost of attendance for each school, along with having a detailed financing plan, is critical for families when making their college choice.

By demystifying the applications, admissions, and financial aid processes, and working with you as your college planning partner and guide, we help you and your student make informed decisions and help you get to “move-in day” with less stress and more confidence.

As your College Planning Advisor, we help in the following ways:

  • Offer personalized assistance with all segments of the application process
  • Provide guidance on how to establish connections with admissions counselors and use resources offered by colleges
  • Establish multi-year plans to identify and cover college costs
  • Prepare a timeline and insight into admissions and financial aid applications
  • Build a “prepare-to-apply” checklist
  • Identify likely merit scholarships based on student specifics ahead of time to maximize scholarships
  • Highlight additional ‘smart choice’ college options
  • Compare offer letters, net costs, and four-year cost of attendance
  • Provide advice on financial aid and merit appeals
  • Develop financing and payment plans 
  • Search for additional financial resources, such as private scholarships


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