Working Together

Our relationship starts with a conversation about you:  your situation in life, your needs, and your concerns. We know that by placing your trust in us, you expect independent, objective, professional advice in return.

We get to know you through a series of confidential meetings, which can happen on-line or in-person. We work together to discuss and understand your needs, wants, and wishes.

To assist in mapping out your personal financial situation, we provide you with tools so you can organize and deliver information to us. Using sophisticated software, we help you develop a personal financial plan, a tax minimization plan, an investment plan, and a college financial plan.

Outcomes of our work together include:

  • Detailed financial plan to be used as a tool for making financial decisions
  • Tax review and strategies that provide a framework for helping to reduce your taxes
  • Customized portfolio managed to your individual needs, values, and risk tolerance
  • Roadmap for selecting and paying for college
  • Partnership with advisors you can rely upon to provide unbiased, actionable advice that helps you live your most confident financial life

As your advisors and guides, we provide on-going recommendations to keep you on track. We work with you to ensure financial planning to-do items are completed and your investment plan is implemented. We liaise with other advisors on whom you rely, such as CPAs and attorneys. If you need help with tax preparation or developing an estate plan, we’re glad to make referrals.

We’ll develop a meeting plan that suits your schedule. In between meetings, you’ll be kept informed through regular email communications, including our monthly client letter. And we’ll be available to discuss your issues and answer your questions as they arise.

“Working Together” with Moore Financial Advisors means you’ll have reliable partners and an experienced team to help you manage your financial situation. Your relationship with MFA gives you more time to enjoy life and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a plan to achieve your goals.

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