It’s not easy being single in a world made for couples. Those who have been single lifelong, as well as those who find themselves single due to divorce or the death of a spouse, have a unique set of financial complications and considerations.

You may have had a spouse who always took care of the finances, and now you have to learn to navigate the world of finances and investments. Or you may have relatives – children or elderly parents – who you want to protect, and you need help sorting through life insurance and estate planning options.

You may be trying to save for retirement on one income instead of two, missing out on the sharing of expenses that couples have, while paying higher income taxes. You may not have some of the Social Security options that are available to married couples, such as spousal or survivor benefits.

Whether you’ve always been single or now find yourself on your own through death or divorce, you want to be thoughtful about your legacy – taking care of those you care about as well as your charitable intent.

To help you sort through these issues, you need an advisor who can listen closely to your needs and goals. We can help you in laying out the path for getting where you want to go.

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