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David McCullough thought expansively about and cared deeply for America. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian passed away last summer in Hingham, MA.

Best known for his biographies presidential (Adams, Truman) and structural (Brooklyn Bridge, Panama Canal), McCullough also lectured and presented extensively on a range of topics for more than a half century and gave addresses in all fifty US states.

In The American Spirit: Who We Are and What We Stand For, McCullough presents fifteen speeches he delivered in between 1989 and 2016.

In the introduction, Mccullough says: “Yes, we have much to be seriously concerned about, much that needs to be corrected, improved, or dispensed with…

But the vitality and creative energy, the fundamental decency, the tolerance and insistence on truth, and the good-heartedness of the American people are there still plainly.”

On this Independence Day, may you and your family see and feel good-heartedness and find ways to celebrate the best parts of the American spirit.